Thursday, September 2, 2010

September 2010 Issue Online

Our September issue is now online. Here is a look at what's inside:

* Peas Be With You Garden is Now With Us
* BMHC Celebrates 30 Years
* Farewell to Berezans
* Fab Flowers
* Front Yard Finalist in McCauley
* Adult Learners to Lose Valuable Tool
* Our Reunion: A Learning Experience
* Cop’s Corner: Theft From Vehicles
* McCauley Revitalization Update
* Letters To The Editor
* Community League Updates
* Dining Out

To download the issue in PDF format, click here.

Archive on Microfiche

We got a very special delivery earlier this week - our entire 30 year archive of newspapers on microfiche. It was exciting to hold the entire history of the paper in my hands, which amounts to three scrolls. Even in this day of computers and the Internet, microfiche is still the industry standard for archiving newspapers. The microfiche is now available for purchase by any library or institution.

"Signs" of the Times

Andrew Hanon from the Edmonton Sun spoke with Editor Paula, McCauley Community League President Rob Stack, and a few other stakeholders concerning Father Jim's signs around Sacred Heart Park and the social issues the neighbourhood faces. Read the story and the comments here. You can also leave a comment if you wish.

East Meets West 2010

This past weekend the McCauley neighbourhood came alive with East Meets West, a festival celebrating some of the different cultures we have here. It expanded to three days and included Africa in addition to Chinatown and Little Italy. Here is a look at a collection of photos from all three days, as well as an iReport from iNews880 prepared by our editor.