Monday, December 22, 2008


I spent this month going through our archive of past issues. 2009 marks our 30th anniversary, and we are going to be donating a complete set of papers to the City of Edmonton archives so that they are properly stored and accessible to the community.

Seeing the development of the paper over the years was quite an interesting experience. I saw photos of parts of the neighbourhood where I walk through all the time. I saw faces of long-term volunteers who are still with us (and a few who are no longer with us, through moving away or death).

I read stories about community issues, some of which still affect us today. And I saw the editorial content and graphic design go through several transitions over the years as technology evolved and the paper went from being all-volunteer to having paid staff.

We are going to be including content from past years in all of the issues in 2009. We are also going to profile people who have been involved with the paper since the beginning (or, almost the beginning). Although my history with the paper is nowhere near as long as some of our volunteers, I am really excited to be a part of Boyle McCauley News during this milestone anniversary.

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