Thursday, June 19, 2008

Production and Spiderwebs

Vikki and I are in that nebulous zone called "production." We often like to call it our monthly Tetris game, as we try to get all of the articles and photos to fit clearly and cleanly on each page. This is our July/August issue, and after we put this one to bed we have a one-month break until things start to gear up for September's paper.


Our office is in a basement, which has worked out pretty well thus far. It's a wonderful building and location. But, being a basement, sometimes we have a few unwanted visitors. Like spiders. I hate spiders. A couple of evenings ago we were having a board meeting, and I felt something light tickling my leg off and on. I looked down from where I was sitting, and there was this strand of a spider's web bouncing on me. I tried to brush it away with my leg, but it kept swinging back. I tried to step on it, but again, it would just spring back as soon as I lifted my foot up.

While John, our Treasurer, was trying to give his report, I stood up and started stomping on the thing. But still, it kept coming back. I told John just to ignore me and keep going. He said that was probably impossible. Tim, one of our co-chairs, got up and grabbed the web with his hand and sort of dangled it as Deb (our other co-chair) and I were gasping in horror.

I have no idea how long the web was there -- I had been working at my desk much of the afternoon and noticed nothing -- but I am glad it is gone!

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