Sunday, January 10, 2010

Padmanadi to Open Second Location

Boyle McCauley News is privileged to bring you some breaking news. We chose to put it on our blog, since it is still a couple of weeks before the February issue hits the streets, and we wanted to make sure we got the scoop out first.

Padmanadi, the popular vegan restaurant in Chinatown, will open a second location on May 21. According to owner Kasim Kasim, the restaurant will bear the same name, have a slight different (but still all vegan) menu, and house a larger seating area. The new location will be situated just outside of McCauley's borders at 101 Street and 107 Avenue. Padmanadi's current restaurant is on 97 Street and 106 Avenue and is one of Chinatown's most popular eateries.

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